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“Reflections of the Cosmopolitan City” Now Online at the Journal of Popular Music Studies

by bf on March 20, 2015, no comments

Just a quick note to link to a recent article that has been published online at the Journal of Popular Music Studies. “Reflections of the Cosmopolitan City: Mapping Arcade Fire’s Reflektor and its Intermedia Promotional Campaign” has roots in a post for Antenna Blog but has now been extended into a full article with the […]

TV I’ve watched, TV I’ve liked. 2011 edition.

by bf on December 21, 2011, no comments

This has been a really great year for television, comedy especially. Despite some really long working hours, I’ve made a pretty good go at staying on top of television this year. A few seasons that I have yet to watch/finish include the most recent of Treme, Justified, Boardwalk Empire and Homeland, so they are all […]

Intersections: Day 2

by bf on November 5, 2010, no comments

Tomorrow is the second and final day of the Joint PhD in Communication’s Graduate Conference, “Intersections.” The conference brings together students from the program’s three universities (Concordia, UQAM, and UdeM), foregrounding inter-disciplinary research with a focus on Communication Studies. Dr. Lynn Spigel from Northwestern University will be giving a keynote address. Dr. Spigel is the […]

will be hard to wait…

by bf on August 2, 2010, no comments

…until season 4 next July. This scene, from Season 2, demonstrates why Breaking Bad is so damn good. Fantastic use of TV on the Radio. Visually stunning. So intense.


by bf on June 2, 2008, 4 comments

Update (06.03.08, now with 5% more cultural capital)  So some time was needed to finish up some big tasks before welcoming June.  The first complete rough draft of the thesis is done.  It’s a large pile of paper that not only drained my copy card to print, but also represents the better half of the […]

03 -> 04

by bf on April 1, 2008, no comments

March is out, and with it goes: -Third rough thesis chapter, for a total of approx. 75 rough pages. About 45 to go. -First season of The Wire. Not widely watched (or so I assume), but recommended by a few people whose opinions i trust when it comes to this sort of thing. Really looking […]

An Ode to Creed

by bf on February 14, 2008, 3 comments

With the writer’s strike over, I’m glad to hear that some of my favourites like The Office and 30 Rock have a handful of upcoming episodes in the Spring. We’ve passed the time completing seasons of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Dexter, and Flight of the Conchords, which were all excellent, but it’s nice to […]