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Radio Studies Deadlines, an Interview with Michele Hilmes, and some new reviews for Weird Canada

by bf on March 4, 2015, no comments

I’m a bit late in posting updates here on the blog, but I have a few new posts to share over on Radio Survivor. The first highlights a few fast approaching deadlines for Radio Studies conferences and publications. The second is an interview with Michele Hilmes, who was my postdoctoral supervisor at UW-Madison. Michele discusses […]

Satellite footprint to cultural lifelines: Sirius XM and the circulation of Canadian content

by bf on January 13, 2015, no comments

Happy new year! I have a few radio and music related articles that will be coming out in the next few months. The first has just been published online although I am not yet sure which print issue it will be assigned to. It’s titled “Satellite footprint to cultural lifelines: Sirius XM and the circulation […]

More Radio Survivor posts, Including an Interview with Kenneth Goldsmith

by bf on November 28, 2014, no comments

My most recent post for Radio Survivor features an interview with former WFMU host, Kenneth Goldsmith. We discuss archives and access and the curatorial role of radio in the digital age. Goldsmith also shares some sound-related excerpts from his upcoming work, Capital, which is a re-writing of Walter Benjamin’s The Arcade’s Project set in New […]

Radio Preservation Task Force and Radio Survivor

by bf on October 30, 2014, no comments

A few exciting updates on the radio front as of late: I’ve posted my first contribution to Radio Survivor‘s Academic Series and will be posting another soon. I’ll be using this space to share some updates about another very exciting initiative, the Radio Preservation Task Force, of which you can learn more about here. I’ve […]