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Thinking through Radio History with John Durham Peters

by bf on March 13, 2015, no comments

As part of Radio Survivor’s Academic Series, I’m happy to share an interview with media historian John Durham Peters. The interview is broken up into two posts which have been shared over the course of a week. You can read part one HERE and part two HERE. Below is a short excerpt from Peters that I particularly like. This is in response to a question about archiving and conducting historical research:

I’d like to see archivists figure out formats that are rigorously durable and not subject to the marketing and fashion swings of digital technology. As media historians we need modes of archival durability for deep time. We know there are treasures in there, but we can’t know now what they are. Amid the digital bonanza of our moment, radio archivists and historians will have to be visionary about how to make these sounds still audible in decades, centuries, and—why not?—millennia.

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